1. An astonishing fossil find from 360-million years ago was made in June during road construction on the N2 highway near the Eastern Cape’s Grahamstown.

  2. Brexit: What happened?

    ‘You could knock me down with a bargepole’ was my first thought when Britain voted out of the European Union.

  3. Literature is eloquent on leadership

    Too often, I hear that the humanities are unimportant, that there are too many humanities graduates and not enough graduates in disciplines such as engineering.

  4. Globers on the Go

    Last month I was having a conversation with a young Argentinian who told me about this Buenos Aires-based company called Globant. He specifically made reference to the CEO, Martín Migoya, whom he could not praise enough.

  5. New student body grows entrepreneurship

    Earlier this month, I received an e-mail from a young graduate, Jabulane Tshabalala (25), who lives in Johannesburg, works for CIPAL Telecoms, and is furthering his studies.

  6. Reasons for Hope

    I am surprised that more was not made of ‘Reasons for Hope’, a national opinion survey published in March this year by the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) that looked at public attitudes to race relations, jobs and other key issues in 2015.

  7. SA should study how Australia exports degrees

    I wonder what Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe thinks about late at night.

  8. Dreaming. It’s the right thing to do!

    I subscribe to the view that dreaming makes life bearable. So I take the dogs out regularly so they can walk while I dream about the future.