1. One of the advantages of not having an office and a cappuccino machine in Johannesburg is that I have a reasonable excuse to drop in on professional colleagues for a chat. And that can be worth a great deal.

  2. Business schools can be a force for change

    While completing an MBA in 1990 at Durham University in England, several momentous events occurred, including the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989.

  3. Leaders and Misleaders

    Leaders and Misleaders – what a fine distinction to make, as Andre van Heerden has done in his book Leaders and Misleaders; The art of leading like you mean it.

  4. Municipalities fail quality of life test

    Michael Green, CEO of the Social Progress Imperative, has developed and advanced the Social Progress Index as a measure of how well countries perform, not solely in terms of GDP per capita, but also in social and environmental indicators.

  5. Brexit: Did anyone consider anything beyond Ego?

    I am one of those nerds who follows breaking news on Sky TV and twitter while I work. Another bad habit.

  6. From the Somme to Brexit

    I’m really going to miss my old Dad today.

  7. Fossil find a cue to play to country’s strengths

    An astonishing fossil find from 360-million years ago was made in June during road construction on the N2 highway near the Eastern Cape’s Grahamstown.

  8. Brexit: What happened?

    ‘You could knock me down with a bargepole’ was my first thought when Britain voted out of the European Union.