1. To act in good faith is the foundation of effective, ethical leadership

  2. #PravinGordhan: My questions

    Few pundits would have predicted the out of the money scenario that a policeman would suddenly deliver a summons to Pravin Gordhan’s home just two weeks before the most important Medium Term Budget Policy Statement South Africa has ever faced.

  3. #feesmustfall: The Hurricane Matthew solution

    Events of the last week have shown that the #feesmustfall is not going to go away.

  4. Goal is free education, but path is debatable

    In the higher education crisis, so many perceptions, opinions and reactions are bouncing about and clashing with one another that we are getting nowhere.

  5. #feesmustfall: Is the R600 000 exemption threshold fair?

    Thank you for all the constructive feedback on my previous article.

  6. Stranded assets and extinction accounting

    I was struck by a recent Bloomberg article titled New Energy Outlook 2016, Long-Term Projections of the Global Energy Sector, #NEO2016. 

  7. #Feesmustfall: The forgotten stakeholders

    We all seem to have forgotten about the biggest stakeholder in the debate, the South African family.

  8. #feesmustfall: Where is the private sector?

    South Africa’s students in higher education number about one million out the total population of 56 million. And the vast majority of students now accept that #feesmustfall-for-all is not a sustainable solution.