1. SA should prioritise education right now and give it all the commitment, input, expertise and finances it needs. It includes all education — early childhood development, primary, secondary school and higher education.

  2. #feesmustfall could be a fantastic business opportunity!

    Recently I watched the video of Sir Alex Ferguson’s visit to the London Business School. And it was most disappointing! 

  3. In memory of Biko and the ‘Human Face’

    12 September 2016, marked the 39th anniversary of the brutal murder of Bantu Stephen Biko by the South African security police in a prison cell in Pretoria.

  4. Eskom’s corporate governance underpowered

    Corporate governance expert Mervyn King often says the role of non-executive directors is not to explain to fellow board members what they know, but to ask questions about what they don’t know.

  5. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

    Perhaps we are closer to the resolution of SA’s state capture nightmare than many believe. But we are in for a rough run in the short term.

  6. The destructive power of the negative

    Recently the Rhodes Business School exhibited its MBA and PDEM offerings at the Leaderex exhibition at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg.

  7. Zemk’ iinkomo magwala

    I have not been writing much recently and observing my Dad’s golden rule ‘if you haven’t got anything to say then for God’s sake shut up.’ But there is a limit to that. Listening to Professor Sipho Pityana giving a tribute at Reverend Makhenkesi Stofile’s funeral, I had to pen something.

  8. All energy options have pros but one has major defects

    I recently set a group of MBA students the task of representing a key sector of energy: solar, wind, nuclear, coal, and gas.