About Us


Critical Thought is an online platform with the purpose of facilitating and promoting critical thought around the themes of Responsible Leadership, Engaged Business and Integrated Society. Its overriding goal is to define the true purpose of business.

The website and associated social media campaign was launched in mid-August 2011, as part of the contribution to furthering dialogue, debate, understanding and knowledge around the business case for sustainability as taught and researched by Rhodes Business School.

Our articles provide high-quality and insightful analysis on the socio-economic and business environment. The analysis focuses on topics such as innovation, strategy, policy, business practice, environmental issues, society, and the role of leaders in effecting change.


Rhodes Business School has as its essence Leadership for Sustainability, and our vision is to be the business school of choice for aspirant leaders and managers who are committed to applying sustainable business practices.

In 2004, we were the first business school in South Africa to introduce environmental management courses into our MBA curriculum, and this was later broadened to incorporate sustainability as a fully integrated philosophy within our teaching, learning and research activities.

There is growing recognition around the world that we cannot continue consuming resources at the rate and manner at which we do, if we want to preserve the planet for our future generations. At Rhodes Business School we believe that there is a business case for sustainability and that business leaders themselves are best placed to stimulate debate and drive this agenda.

Society in general and business in particular still grapple with the formulation and application of the ideal business model that will achieve this and we hope Critical Thought will provide a vehicle to define this true purpose of business.