1. Cedric Tyler

    Cedric Tyler
    CEO, BusinessGenetics Inc. Cedric Tyler is a graduate of Rhodes University and sits on the board of US based BusinessGenetics Inc and a number of other companies. He invented and developed the (eXtended) Business Modeling Language®, a rule based method for describing and improving business operations. This approach is recognized by leading industry analysts and academics as “industry changing” and “one of a kind” – Gartner®. The approach “converges” various corporate disciplines and foundationally enables multiple corporate initiatives; from business improvement, business requirements and compliance. The net result is significant productivity gains. Cedric has co-authored a book, “Business Genetics: Understanding 21st Century Corporations” (Wiley), that challenges mainstream thinking, and introduces a unique approach to how we describe, improve/ simplify, manage and automate business.

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    Can management science unlock the corporate genome?

    No doubt we have all heard that a chimpanzee’s genetic makeup differs to humans by a factor of some small percentage. According to lead researcher Morris Goodman, at Wayne State University, Detroit, “…99.4% of the most critical DNA sites are identical in human and chimp genes”. Yet clearly there are significant differences between the two species.