1. Clem Sunter

    Clem Sunter
    Professional Speaker, Scenario Planner & Author. Clem Sunter of mindofafox is recognized as being South Africa’s leading exponent on scenario planning. Former Chairman and CEO of Anglo American’s Gold and Uranium Division and until recently Chairman of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund, Clem was instrumental in establishing a scenario planning function in Anglo in the 1980s. As a consequence of this, two scenarios were offered for South Africa, namely a ‘High Road’ and a ‘Low Road’, with South Africa adopting the ‘High Road’. In 1986, he made a presentation to (former President) FW de Klerk and his Cabinet and he also visited (former President) Nelson Mandela just prior to his release from prison. Since 1987, he has co-authored 14 books, some of which have been bestsellers. He has an abiding interest in seeking to mobilise the private sector in the war against HIV/AIDS. He was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Cape Town for his work in the field of Scenario Planning. He was also voted by leading CEOs as the speaker who has made the most significant contribution to, and impact on, best practice and business in South Africa.

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    The balance in life

    Just over 20 years ago, I wrote a book with two prominent environmentalists – Brian Huntley and Roy Siegfried – about the future environmental possibilities for South Africa. The model we used in the book was that human wellbeing had to be a balance between economic development, quality of life and environmental health.