1. Cynthia Schoeman

    Cynthia Schoeman
    Managing Director, Ethics Monitoring & Management Services (Pty) Ltd. Cynthia Schoeman, BA, MBA (Wits) is the MD of Ethics Monitoring & Management Services (Pty) Ltd. She has developed a web-based survey, The Ethics Monitor, which enables organisations to measure and monitor their ethics. She also offers talks and customised consulting, workshops and training to improve ethics in organizations. Her aim is not only to improve ethics in the workplace, but also to promote the proactive management of ethics. She has written An Employee’s Guide to Workplace Ethics, and her book, Ethics: Giving a Damn, Making a Difference, is due to be published later this year. She spent time in the corporate world as the HR Director for TWP Projects (Pty) Ltd, and is an external lecturer and examiner for Wits Business School. Contact details +27 11 446 7661; Cynthia@ethicsmonitor.co.za

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    Workplace ethics: Illusion, luxury or necessity?

    While the many ethical scandals in the private and public sector keeps an on-going focus on ethics, it can nonetheless be questioned whether ethics in the workplace is an illusion, a luxury or a necessity.