1. Etsko Schuitema

    Etsko Schuitema
    Managing Member, Schuitema Human Excellence Group. Etsko founded Schuitema Human Excellence Group in 1989. Since then the Care and Growth Model has been tested in disparate contexts, in 17 countries and on 5 continents. In every context the basic premises of the model have been vindicated. Namely, that there is a fundamental connection between the problem of organizational excellence and personal excellence and that the nature of that connection is ethical and / or moral. http://www.schuitema.co.za/people.asp#Etsko

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    The Care and Growth leadership model and employee commitment

    In the course of the consulting work that I do, the most frequent complaint that I hear from managers is that their employees are not committed to the business. That their relationship with the enterprise is purely expedient and that any sense of sincere care is out of the question.