1. Gavin Heron

    Gavin Heron
    Eco-entrepreneur, Earth Probiotic. Gavin Heron, a graduate of Rhodes University, is the former Group Managing Director of TBWA / Hunt / Lascaris. Now an entrepreneur, strategist, marketer and consultant, Gavin and his wife Karen are passionate about the environment.

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    Sustaining sanity in a world dictated by email

    This story reminds me that we often forget about the real frustrations of runnning a business. Our company – Earth Probiotic – is busy setting up an eCommerce site which enables payment through credit cards.

    You can't strategise a vision

    Almost exactly 12 months ago I wrote an article for criticalthought promoting the idea that not enough companies were “doing” (with too many “talking”).

    Sustaining community projects is more than skills

    Mikal Lambert is the founder, and driver, of the “Enviro Solutions Centre”. Personally I haven’t met anyone as committed to driving an environmental based community sustainability agenda in South Africa.

    Saying no is easier than saying yes

    The challenge for sustainability programmes are ensuring that they become internalised through the organisation; not just the whim of the CEO or of a micro-group of enthusiasts.