1. Joe Oliver

    Joe Oliver
    Eco-preneur. Joseph Tenzin Oliver http://joetoliver.com/ is an internationally recognised sustainable lifestyle pioneer and Founder of BASH. Joe’s mission is to change the world through making ethical lifestyles desirable and mainstream. Working with over 50 household brands, he has proved that his vision has shaped both UK and international business practice in the entertainment, music and creative industries. Joe advises government, private and blue-chip clients. He has won an array of industry awards and appeared on CNN, BBC News and in numerous national publications. In 2008, he was selected by the Mayor of London to be a London Leader, a position awarded to those who have proved excellence in their fields, to represent the capital. Most recently, he has advised on the launch and strategy of the UK’s first sustainable fashion magazine: SIX Magazine, already coined as ‘the Ethical Vogue’. In Beijing, Joe and his team have just organised a Champagne Ball for the launch of P1, a members only network, and hopes to use this avenue to drive sustainable lifestyle in China.

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