1. Steuart Pennington

    Steuart Pennington
    Author, South Africa - The Good News. Steuart Pennington of South Africa - The Good News is co-editor and publisher of 9 books on South Africa and Africa, starting with ‘SOUTH AFRICA - The Good News” in 2002 and most recently the “Promise of Leadership” in 2009, published for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. In 2007, Steuart was awarded the “Public Service Entrepreneur of the Year Award – 2007” from the African Heritage Society and in 2008, he was one of the nine finalists for the Johnnie Walker Striding Man Award for exceptional entrepreneurship. He is a graduate of Rhodes University.

    Posts by this author:

    Understanding Africa is difficult

    There is a dearth of information on the one hand and the continent is changing so rapidly on the other.

    Part 2: Is South Africa globally competitive? Comparison with BRIC and Korean Republic

    Last week I wrote about South Africa’s Global Competitiveness (Global Competitiveness Report comparing the world’s top 139 countries) and the fact that our Achilles Heel is our poor performance in the areas of infrastructure, health and primary education, labour market efficiency and technological readiness.

    Part 1: Is South Africa globally competitive? The devil is in the detail

    My Monday morning started with an eNews interview with Minister Trevor Manuel discussing South Africa’s Global Competitiveness. This, against the comprehensive Diagnostic Report produced by his National Planning Commission which, incidentally, makes very little mention of just how important being globally competitive is.

    Nelson Mandela Day – A time to remind and remember

    July 18th was Nelson Mandela Day. It was a globally recognised day sanctioned by the United Nations with the slogan “Make every day Nelson Mandela Day” a worldwide appeal to give up 67 minutes in pursuit of a good cause in the service of others. No doubt a considerable amount will continue to be said and written as the virtues of one of South Africa’s greatest sons is extolled.