1. My retirement plan post Brexit: How long is long enough?

    Stellenbosch is full of multi-millionaires who owe much of their fortunes to the late Dr. Anthon Rupert.

  2. Provident fund preservation: Don’t kick a fresh turd on a hot day

    ‘You can’t polish a turd’ or so the saying goes. And they have even gone as far as proving that on the TV series ‘Mythbusters’.

  3. Who wants a retirement fund anyway ?

    So it’s January. Holidays are over, except for paying the bills and participating in the back to school redistribution of wealth program.

  4. Provident Fund or Retirement Annuity Fund?

    The preservation playing field between pension funds and provident funds will be leveled from 1 March 2016.

  5. Do I still want a provident fund?

    For years many advisors have said ‘ you can’t beat a provident fund!’ But now that compulsory preservation has finally arrived with effect from 1 March 2016 it is high time to re-evaluate the golden rule.

  6. Provident Funds: Compulsory preservation is finally implemented.

    The 2015 income tax act amendments were finally promulgated on 8 January 2015. And the biggest stuff that hits the news is the compulsory preservation of provident fund benefits.

  7. Matthew Lester: January woes and Cape Town sushi skimming scams

    January is always a lousy month. Bills, bills and even more bills.

  8. Matthew Lester: What is your lifestyle game plan?

    There are rafts full of financial advisers out there. So the first question in financial planning is often ‘who should I use?’

  9. Matthew Lester: Are joint bank accounts a good idea?

    ‘Are joint bank accounts a good idea?’ is a common question from young couples. And the answer does not have much to do with tax considerations.

  10. Matthew Lester: The legacy of a rotten Dad

    On the day Jess was born I was back at work by 11am and legless by lunchtime. I never attended anti-natal classes or changed a single nappy.

  11. Matthew Lester: Postponed retirement reform is victory for rich, not unions

    Initially I was stunned when Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene postponed the retirement reforms due to be implemented on 1 March 2015; all because of trade union pressure.

  12. Matthew Lester: Ultimate corporate con job – freezing female employee eggs

    Plain and simple, in life there can be no greater tragedy than when a mother loses a child.