1. SME South Africa: An open letter to Cyril Ramaposa

    Dear Honorable Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, Sir, all protocol observed.

  2. Fantastic news: SARS makes bank (or nearly)

    In the lead up to the 24 February 2015 National Budget Speech the mood was grim.

  3. #SONA2016: ‘He who expecteth nothing is never disappointed!’

    Okay, so perhaps I was the fool for expecting that just something would come of SONA 2016. Nothing much ever comes of these occasions.

  4. #SONA2016 snippets: Mr President, what about#feesmustfall?

    The President has referred the #feesmustfall debate to a presidential commission of enquiry that will take most of 2016 to complete. Will South Africa’s students be that patient?

  5. #SONA2016 snippets: What about inequality?

    What about inequality? It seems sometimes just to be a word.

  6. #SONA2016 snippets: How fast is SA growing?

     The president will talk about are disastrous economic growth rates. And that there is not much can be done about that.

  7. #SONA2016 snippets

    Brace yourselves, here comes the State of the Nation Address on Thursday evening 11 February 2016.

  8. Is the interest rate increase sustainable?

    Few economists will question the wisdom of the Reserve bank 50 basis point increase announced on Thursday 28 February 2016. The increase came as no surprise.

  9. Howzit China! Perhaps this time its different

    Everybody seems to be debating the question ‘is the China economy in meltdown or is this just a another market correction?’

  10. RSA energy prices explained

    In the depths of the 2009 recession I was driven off the road by two dicing 18 wheelers. It was a very close call. It really was. I was lucky only the car was written off.

  11. Matthew Lester: How f***ed are the poor in RSA?

    Sorry to ABIL’s ex director Tami Sokutu, I just cannot leave this theme alone.

  12. Matthew Lester: Today’s World Bank report proves critical role of SA social grants

    There are some amazing findings in the recently released World Bank Study of South Africa entitled ‘Fiscal Policy and Redistribution in an Unequal Society.’