1. Hitting back at Costa Divaris’s “Tax Shock Horror”

    As expected, the proposals made by the Davis Tax Committee concerning the taxation of Small Business Corporations are taking some flack in the media.

  2. The parameters of tax planning revisted

    Boards and risk committees today are acutely aware of the risks associated with aggressive tax-planning schemes. This is understandable: the consequences of ‘tax
    failure’ can, after all, be extremely serious.

  3. Internet Income Tax Revision for students

    Here is an experiment. Instead of plugging through past exam papers in preparation for your exams let us try revision through YouTube. I have taken a recent UNISA examination paper and reviewed it by way of a screen-cast. Give it a try.

  4. The debate around the taxation of trusts

    Some say there were very few developments in the National Budget Speech on 27 February and that it’s ‘business as usual’. I beg to differ.