1. SARS conjures rabbit out of hat

    There are two major vulnerabilities in South Africa’s tax system.

  2. UK offers an enticing route to old-age ruin

    Governments really have only three options when it comes to regulating how people withdraw their pension funds.

  3. Don't be lured by relief on lump sum

    The budget announcement that moved the tax threshold applied to lump-sum withdrawal benefits from retirement funds came somewhat as a surprise.

  4. Education is not only about the children

    Opposition parties regularly get mileage out of attacking South Africa’s education system.

  5. Flood of illegal fags leads to missed targets

    It is amazing that, despite the growth rates for the 2013-14 fiscal year, the South African Revenue Service is spot-on for the budgeted tax collection of R899bn.

  6. Not much here for poor or the planet

    I got most of my budget predictions wrong.

  7. New hope for rural SA just a tweak away

    It is difficult to make a realistic wish list for the national budget speech on Wednesday.

  8. VAT change adds to cluster costs

    Homeowner associations range in size from small committees that pool resources to collectively tackle security to substantial operations that provide comprehensive support services needed to run massive housing estates.

  9. How to cut hefty taxes on share options

    Many directors and senior employees accumulate much of their wealth in unexercised share options in their employer companies.

  10. Case of debit experience, credit cash

    Intaxicated can take many forms. It can range from the joy of receiving a tax refund or the natural resentment against paying taxes.

  11. No money to fool around after matric!

    Festivity prospects for matrics of 30 years ago were confined to a matric dance, beers in the December holidays followed by registration at university or the defence force early the next year.

  12. Income tax unlikely to go up in an election year

    Speculation over the surprises in store for taxpayers in the national budget speech, (27 February) is already starting.