1. Pravin Gordhan: Does the private sector give a damn?

    It is now 3 weeks since the National Budget Speech and I have travelled around South Africa quite a few times.

  2. Gone Are the Glory Days of GDP

    “God did not hand down GDP on tablets of stone.”

  3. Offshore Amnesty reloaded!

    Many tax commentators were surprised at the national budget speech announcement that there will be another offshore amnesty starting on 1 October 2016.

  4. Sugar Tax: not a sweet idea!

    I can walk my dogs through a field full of mielies and they won’t pinch even one.

  5. A critical analysis of the 2016 budget speech

    Please join me in a FREE Learning intervention that attempts to unpack the National Budget in pictures not words.

  6. New performance gauges key in cutting pay gap

    Think of a gathering of 900,000 people — the annual population increase in SA, based on the 1.65% growth rate of the population of 55-million, according to Statistics SA’s mid-2015 figures.

  7. Hell on earth is a shopping mall

    My description of hell on earth is a shopping mall in the festive season. People just seem to lose all sense of reason.

  8. Calling Air Traffic Control

    In September 2008, when I was working for the United Nations, I had to fly from Monrovia in Liberia to Freetown in Sierra Leone.

  9. Open letter to Members of Parliament and other Influential Persons

    The document highlights the good and the bad, and shows that South Africa is a country of extremes.

  10. #feesmustfall: Careful now

    The agreement between Rhodes University and the student body over fees for 2016 is a significant achievement. One wonders how many students have been excluded by the harsh minimum initial payment (MIP) policy of previous years.

  11. Could sin pay for #feesmustfall?

    This suggestion flew through the internet this week. It doesn’t help much in the context of #feesmustfall but it can start some interesting dynamics about SA.

  12. #feesmustfall :Where is the private sector?

    Jonathan Jansen wrote a touching piece today entitled “there is no such thing as a free lunch.’ All about how he struggled to pay for his studies.