1. Municipalities fail quality of life test

    Michael Green, CEO of the Social Progress Imperative, has developed and advanced the Social Progress Index as a measure of how well countries perform, not solely in terms of GDP per capita, but also in social and environmental indicators.

  2. Brexit: Did anyone consider anything beyond Ego?

    I am one of those nerds who follows breaking news on Sky TV and twitter while I work. Another bad habit.

  3. Fossil find a cue to play to country’s strengths

    An astonishing fossil find from 360-million years ago was made in June during road construction on the N2 highway near the Eastern Cape’s Grahamstown.

  4. Globers on the Go

    Last month I was having a conversation with a young Argentinian who told me about this Buenos Aires-based company called Globant. He specifically made reference to the CEO, Martín Migoya, whom he could not praise enough.

  5. New student body grows entrepreneurship

    Earlier this month, I received an e-mail from a young graduate, Jabulane Tshabalala (25), who lives in Johannesburg, works for CIPAL Telecoms, and is furthering his studies.

  6. Dreaming. It’s the right thing to do!

    I subscribe to the view that dreaming makes life bearable. So I take the dogs out regularly so they can walk while I dream about the future.

  7. Never underestimate power of putting in the hard yards

    Pinned to the wall in my office are two quotes: “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking,” by Voltaire; and “So think and think, and think and think, and think and think some more. Think until your body aches and till your mind is sore. For thinking never killed a man, it only made him grow. The constant search for betterment to strive and find and know,” by South African motivational speaker and poet Vince Higgins.

  8. Lean start-ups will excite SA’s young people

    Lumka Mphande (27) from Tembisa is a call centre supervisor who started his own business, Bumka Scooter Rental.

  9. Pravin Gordhan: Does the private sector give a damn?

    It is now 3 weeks since the National Budget Speech and I have travelled around South Africa quite a few times.

  10. Gone Are the Glory Days of GDP

    “God did not hand down GDP on tablets of stone.”

  11. Creating win-win solutions for businesses

    This is a real-life business dilemma faced by the CEO of a brick factory in the Eastern Cape.

  12. Offshore Amnesty reloaded!

    Many tax commentators were surprised at the national budget speech announcement that there will be another offshore amnesty starting on 1 October 2016.