1. All energy options have pros but one has major defects

    I recently set a group of MBA students the task of representing a key sector of energy: solar, wind, nuclear, coal, and gas.

  2. Start Up fosters high school entrepreneurship

    I recently attended Primestars Marketing’s fantastic launch of Step Up 2 a Start Up III — My Planet, My People, My Purpose.

  3. Business schools can be a force for change

    While completing an MBA in 1990 at Durham University in England, several momentous events occurred, including the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989.

  4. Municipalities fail quality of life test

    Michael Green, CEO of the Social Progress Imperative, has developed and advanced the Social Progress Index as a measure of how well countries perform, not solely in terms of GDP per capita, but also in social and environmental indicators.

  5. Brexit: Did anyone consider anything beyond Ego?

    I am one of those nerds who follows breaking news on Sky TV and twitter while I work. Another bad habit.

  6. Fossil find a cue to play to country’s strengths

    An astonishing fossil find from 360-million years ago was made in June during road construction on the N2 highway near the Eastern Cape’s Grahamstown.

  7. Globers on the Go

    Last month I was having a conversation with a young Argentinian who told me about this Buenos Aires-based company called Globant. He specifically made reference to the CEO, Martín Migoya, whom he could not praise enough.

  8. New student body grows entrepreneurship

    Earlier this month, I received an e-mail from a young graduate, Jabulane Tshabalala (25), who lives in Johannesburg, works for CIPAL Telecoms, and is furthering his studies.

  9. Dreaming. It’s the right thing to do!

    I subscribe to the view that dreaming makes life bearable. So I take the dogs out regularly so they can walk while I dream about the future.

  10. Never underestimate power of putting in the hard yards

    Pinned to the wall in my office are two quotes: “No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking,” by Voltaire; and “So think and think, and think and think, and think and think some more. Think until your body aches and till your mind is sore. For thinking never killed a man, it only made him grow. The constant search for betterment to strive and find and know,” by South African motivational speaker and poet Vince Higgins.

  11. Lean start-ups will excite SA’s young people

    Lumka Mphande (27) from Tembisa is a call centre supervisor who started his own business, Bumka Scooter Rental.

  12. Pravin Gordhan: Does the private sector give a damn?

    It is now 3 weeks since the National Budget Speech and I have travelled around South Africa quite a few times.