1. #feesmustfall: Where is the private sector?

    South Africa’s students in higher education number about one million out the total population of 56 million. And the vast majority of students now accept that #feesmustfall-for-all is not a sustainable solution.

  2. Education needs a sustainable funding model

    SA should prioritise education right now and give it all the commitment, input, expertise and finances it needs. It includes all education — early childhood development, primary, secondary school and higher education.

  3. #feesmustfall could be a fantastic business opportunity!

    Recently I watched the video of Sir Alex Ferguson’s visit to the London Business School. And it was most disappointing! 

  4. The destructive power of the negative

    Recently the Rhodes Business School exhibited its MBA and PDEM offerings at the Leaderex exhibition at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg.

  5. MBA and PDEM 2017

    “The challenge and opportunity for all economies and businesses today is to determine ever more clearly and practically how ‘the Four Es’ – Economy, Equity, Ethics, Ecology – can be holistically integrated in management and all business decisions.

  6. Happy Birthday Mervyn King SC

    One of the advantages of not having an office and a cappuccino machine in Johannesburg is that I have a reasonable excuse to drop in on professional colleagues for a chat. And that can be worth a great deal.

  7. Reasons for Hope

    I am surprised that more was not made of ‘Reasons for Hope’, a national opinion survey published in March this year by the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) that looked at public attitudes to race relations, jobs and other key issues in 2015.

  8. SA should study how Australia exports degrees

    I wonder what Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe thinks about late at night.

  9. A New Basis From Which To Think And Act

    There are so many angry and hurt people in South Africa right now for a whole variety of reasons. There are also huge levels of stress in the country, being played out on the streets, in parliament and on our university campuses.

  10. People need to embrace power of knowledge

    Despite freedom of information legislation, despite leaks and the difficulty today’s governments face in keeping things secret — despite all these and more — the actual operations of those who hold power may well be growing more, not less, opaque.

  11. Are the wealthy riding on the back of the #feesmustfall campaign?

    A year ago faeces was thrown at a statue and that started the #Rhodesmustfall campaign.

  12. #feesmustfall: More bursaries: Get the employers involved!

    NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) helped 186 150 university students with financial aid totaling R7 billion in 2015.