1. #feesmustfall: A humanitarian crisis at SA’s universities on the leap year!

    Fellow graduates and the business community of South Africa,  I appeal for your support in getting behind a humanitarian crisis that is fast developing at our universities.

  2. Let’s start with prioritising quality education

    We went to Davos to see the wonderful wizards of wealth: a guild of the rich and powerful who pledge to increase justice and end poverty, but who find it perfectly on form that the world’s 62 richest billionaires — many of whom were represented at Davos — have as much wealth as 3.6-billion people today.

  3. #feesmustfall: Don’t give it to the rich

    #feesmustfall scored some great victories during 2015.

  4. Few can afford South Africa’s universities

    This morning I woke up to am email ‘ Academic Activities Cancelled at Rhodes University today!’ Student protests. But there is a lot more to this email than meets the eye.

  5. We have a human problem

    Women’s month has come and gone but I believe we need to make a point of ensuring that one month becomes twelve months where the many issues facing women are concerned.

  6. A Sense of Community

    How can we develop participatory South African communities? (Providing the opportunity for individual involvement.)

  7. Have Baby Boomers become sociable weavers?

    A trendy issue to start a family argument is ‘what’s the right age to start a family?’

  8. The policing vs the nanny approach: which is more sustainable?

    By Nobathembu Kobokana & Nosipho Damasane

    Travelling through the rural Eastern Cape one is amazed by the huge amounts of arable land that lies unused instead of being cultivated and productive.

  9. What DIVIDES US is LESS REAL than the HISTORY that BINDS US TOGETHER (Part ii)

    Former President Thabo Mbeki once said, “I am ready to defend at the top of my voice your right to differ with me at the top of yours.”

  10. What DIVIDES US is LESS REAL than the HISTORY that BINDS US together (part i)

    It was Frederick Douglas of the American Civil Rights Movement who reminded us that there is no progress without struggle.

  11. Business Unusual – what about business education?

    South Africa boasts the first stock exchange to require integrated annual reporting on financial and non-financial performance for its listed companies, with the adoption of the corporate governance code King III.

  12. Deaf by stakeholder

    On a recent flight I sat next to a politician who operates in the energy sector.