1. Tax deductible donations to universities-Yes or No?

    In February every year every university Vice-Chancellor writes to the alumni and friends of the university requesting donations.

  2. South Africans are not very good at predicting the future

    This is a pity in the context of #FessMustfall as it is not very difficult to predict the consequences if #FeesMustFall were to succeed in achieving its objectives.

  3. #SABISA conference 2016: South Africa’s Independent schools and the #FeesMustFall crisis

    My email inbox went crazy, when the #FeesMustFall protestors were chased by police onto the St Andrews College and DSG campus in Grahamstown, last week.

  4. #FeesMustFall: Lets have the Grace to stop for now!

    There can be few events in raising a family that are more traumatic than having to face the reality that a deserving child will not get to university simply because there is not enough money.

  5. All stakeholders in higher education must act in good faith

    To act in good faith is the foundation of effective, ethical leadership

  6. Goal is free education, but path is debatable

    In the higher education crisis, so many perceptions, opinions and reactions are bouncing about and clashing with one another that we are getting nowhere.

  7. #Feesmustfall: The forgotten stakeholders

    We all seem to have forgotten about the biggest stakeholder in the debate, the South African family.

  8. #feesmustfall: Where is the private sector?

    South Africa’s students in higher education number about one million out the total population of 56 million. And the vast majority of students now accept that #feesmustfall-for-all is not a sustainable solution.

  9. Education needs a sustainable funding model

    SA should prioritise education right now and give it all the commitment, input, expertise and finances it needs. It includes all education — early childhood development, primary, secondary school and higher education.

  10. #feesmustfall could be a fantastic business opportunity!

    Recently I watched the video of Sir Alex Ferguson’s visit to the London Business School. And it was most disappointing! 

  11. The destructive power of the negative

    Recently the Rhodes Business School exhibited its MBA and PDEM offerings at the Leaderex exhibition at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg.

  12. People need to embrace power of knowledge

    Despite freedom of information legislation, despite leaks and the difficulty today’s governments face in keeping things secret — despite all these and more — the actual operations of those who hold power may well be growing more, not less, opaque.