1. Experiments in living democracy

    Democracy in an era of global connectivity needs to include the associated innovations, such as ‘democracy software’ developed to include more people in decision-making, whether in politics, organisations, businesses or the corporate environment.

  2. How governance failures messed up SA’s passenger rail agency

    The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa is going through serious turbulence that’s symptomatic of broad corporate governance failures within the country’s state owned enterprises.

  3. Amid this crisis, we are not statues

    A flock of political leaders is playing pigeon chess across the world. In pigeon chess, the pigeon knocks over all the chess pieces, deposits its droppings on the board and struts around proclaiming victory.

  4. King code not beneath any captain’s notice

    Remgro chairman Johann Rupert’s off the mark on the King code recommendations — it was not developed to create nonsense or unnecessary burdens for business.

  5. In memory of Biko and the ‘Human Face’

    12 September 2016, marked the 39th anniversary of the brutal murder of Bantu Stephen Biko by the South African security police in a prison cell in Pretoria.

  6. Eskom’s corporate governance underpowered

    Corporate governance expert Mervyn King often says the role of non-executive directors is not to explain to fellow board members what they know, but to ask questions about what they don’t know.

  7. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

    Perhaps we are closer to the resolution of SA’s state capture nightmare than many believe. But we are in for a rough run in the short term.

  8. Zemk’ iinkomo magwala

    I have not been writing much recently and observing my Dad’s golden rule ‘if you haven’t got anything to say then for God’s sake shut up.’ But there is a limit to that. Listening to Professor Sipho Pityana giving a tribute at Reverend Makhenkesi Stofile’s funeral, I had to pen something.

  9. Leadership: we need it, where is it?

    August 2016 is the month of the most critical municipal elections since 1994. In this era of violent service delivery protests, the unfortunate truth is that the majority of our municipalities lack leadership; are in crisis and failing to deliver.

  10. Leaders and Misleaders

    Leaders and Misleaders – what a fine distinction to make, as Andre van Heerden has done in his book Leaders and Misleaders; The art of leading like you mean it.

  11. From the Somme to Brexit

    I’m really going to miss my old Dad today.

  12. Brexit: What happened?

    ‘You could knock me down with a bargepole’ was my first thought when Britain voted out of the European Union.