1. Amid this crisis, we are not statues

    A flock of political leaders is playing pigeon chess across the world. In pigeon chess, the pigeon knocks over all the chess pieces, deposits its droppings on the board and struts around proclaiming victory.

  2. In memory of Biko and the ‘Human Face’

    12 September 2016, marked the 39th anniversary of the brutal murder of Bantu Stephen Biko by the South African security police in a prison cell in Pretoria.

  3. Zemk’ iinkomo magwala

    I have not been writing much recently and observing my Dad’s golden rule ‘if you haven’t got anything to say then for God’s sake shut up.’ But there is a limit to that. Listening to Professor Sipho Pityana giving a tribute at Reverend Makhenkesi Stofile’s funeral, I had to pen something.

  4. Leaders and Misleaders

    Leaders and Misleaders – what a fine distinction to make, as Andre van Heerden has done in his book Leaders and Misleaders; The art of leading like you mean it.

  5. King IV: A lesson in ethics from umpire Dickie Bird.

    The first draft King IV is going to be released shortly. And I have set myself a challenge.

  6. Sweeping the Shed

    It would be great if all South Africans can start the year learning the following Zulu saying by heart and repeating it every day: Khumbula uma ukhomba umunye muntu, kukhona iminwe emithathu ekukhomba wena.

  7. Is 21st Century Leadership Immoral?

    I am sure that it is not an overstatement to claim that all people have an awareness of moral facts.

  8. Divided minds, defective leadership

    American business spends around $14 billion a year on leadership development, evidently without much return.

  9. A tale of two titles

    Recent news headlines in South Africa, have given extensive coverage to the actions of two influential political figures and their moral power.

  10. What's good for the goose is good for gander: or is it?

    By Sipho Stwayi & Duncan Githiri

    In 21st century South Africa, the political discourse emanating from the ruling elite suggests that ethics and politics are mutually exclusive.

  11. Why are Leaders Exempt from Service?

    Increasingly, it is recognised that business organisations do not exist for themselves, but for the good of society.

  12. Leadership and Sustainability in Business

    History tells us a great deal about leadership and sustainability.