1. The Courage to Lead

    Some years back, the feminist writer Fay Weldon was quoted in Time Magazine as saying: “The old traditional values of constancy, gravitas, restraint, heroism, dignity, and honour are seen as belonging to a past world. Perhaps they do. Perhaps it is no bad thing.”

  2. Goodbye Yesterday, Hello Tomorrow

    It’s time for a ‘wow’ story, which I certainly got from Charles Broome, the Chairman of Added Value, South Africa.

  3. Great leaders make hard choices

    Think of a hard choice you are facing. How does it make you feel?

  4. Flying at supersonic speed

    “To fly at supersonic speed – faster than the speed of sound (Mach 1) – you have to have a supersonic aircraft. A subsonic aircraft is simply not designed to do this.” – John Peters, former RAF jetfighter pilot.

  5. When will the tide turn?

    South Africans witnessed a watershed event during the recent gathering of African Union leaders within the country’s borders.

  6. Going bust gradually … and then suddenly

    “Man goes bust gradually … and then suddenly”. That’s what Ernest Hemingway once said.

  7. Daunting, exciting times

    “Piecemeal approaches that are assumed to be the answer are as dangerous as no response at all.”

  8. Macramé and Mr Botha

    I don’t remember Mr Botha for the Mathematics or English he taught me at Hillcrest Primary – a government school just outside of Durban.

  9. The House That Jack Built

    This ancient nursery rhyme is a tale of consequence; it illustrates how everything, from the obvious to the obscure, the sublime to the ridiculous, is interlinked, and spells out the consequences that emanate from those links when the head of the house, in this instance, Jack, isn’t taking charge.

  10. I'm leading on.. On a Jet 'Plane..

    "No free government, or the blessing of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to moderation, temperance, frugality, justice and virtue." George Mason, 1776

  11. Ethics and Corporate Governance

    In this video lecture, given in three parts, I demonstrate not only the concept of ‘good corporate governance’ but also the reasons why it is important. I also show why the King III Code on Corporate Governance can provide a solid basis for a company’s policies and practices in this regard.

  12. The strategic imperative of integrated reporting

    An oft overlooked consequence of the current developments on corporate governance and integrated reporting (IR) is the focus on the ‘R’ at the expense of the ‘I’.