1. State Led SMME development: Quo Vadis?

    Most research or think pieces about the small business sector invariably make the assertion that small businesses are important for a country’s economic development plans. The question has to be asked whether South Africa’s state-led institutional support for SMMEs has in fact contributed to the development of the sector?

  2. South Africa – the Politics of Envy

    Imagine the South African President, or any public representative for that matter congratulating a business for recording exceptional profits or, even for just surviving under difficult trading conditions?

  3. Balancing Economic Growth with True Sustainability

    I was privileged to attend the latest World Economic Forum, Africa meeting, which took place in May 2012, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  4. Is income tax constitutional?

    Experts are aware – various laws and regulations in South Africa do not pass constitutional muster.

  5. Is a shift in the global economic order possible? A challenge to business leaders

    The twentieth century has been described as an age of catastrophe – an age of horrendously destructive wars, most of which were unnecessary and avoidable; an age of growing inequality, of poverty amidst plenty, and of ever-worsening environmental decay.

  6. Speed policy: what’s the limit?

    In recommending that the speed limit be reduced from 120 km/h to 100 km/h in order to decrease accidents, Minister of Transport, Sibusiso Ndebele is placing attention to the wrong area.

  7. Empowering women, powering trade: The importance of women in the export value chain

    Trade is an important driver of economic growth: it leads to job creation, business opportunities and poverty reduction.

  8. Together against e-tolling

    The E-tolling saga appears to develop new twists by the day. A recent development has Cosatu demanding that Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele scrap the whole concept, saying it is shocked that Freeway Improvement Project’s George Mahlalela assumed that the principle for tolling had been accepted.