#CleanupTheStash latest offshore disclosure program development

Yesterday evening I was walking the dogs and I picked up the hoax news that Archbishop Tutu had died.


I was very upset and not thinking it could be  fake I phoned friends and tweeted the news. Sorry to Alec Hogg and others, I was conned.

Be more careful Matthew!

Well here is something to be very careful about. The special voluntary disclosure program ‘SVDP’. The last opportunity for South Africans with fund held illegally offshore to come clean.

Its impossible to explain all the twists and turns in an article.

So I have tried to summarize most of the issues and controversy in a 30 minute video summary .


My assessment is that this deal is so generous that taxpayers should be paying donations tax on it.  It is high time that we got this issue off the table and got on with our lives.

But others may differ.

Please note the legislation is not yet final, done and dusted. This is just the latest version.

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