#feesmustfall could be a fantastic business opportunity!

Recently I watched the video of Sir Alex Ferguson’s visit to the London Business School. And it was most disappointing! 

Business leaders who follow the bullyboy tactics of Sir Alex at Manchester United will soon come a cropper in the new world that is business today.

Inviting a business leader to present a guest lecturer at a business school can be tricky. Most are boring. Some are on an ego trip. And some simply just cannot lecture.

But not Alastair Mokoena, Managing Director of Ogilvy& Mather Johannesburg. Recently he visited the Rhodes Business School to tackle the highly controversial subject of branding the #feesmustfall movement.

Some say that the business community is ducking the #feesmustfall controversy. Others get get depressed and even angry.

But very few see that the movement could be a fantastic new brand and business opportunity where all can be winners.


Have a look and see what an evening at the Rhodes Business School is all about!

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