‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!’ – Tip 1 on how to score 15% extra in exams and tests.

Mohammed Ali was the greatest and probably always will be. He was a strategist who fought with his brains. So when he planted a punch, he scored a direct hit.

Strategy is a huge part in tackling tests and examinations and tests. Get the strategy right and your prospects of success are so much better.

All too often professors and lecturers don’t spend time on strategy. So lets see what we can do about that. Some of this is simple, obvious stuff.

The first golden rule to success in an examination or test is simply ‘ get the right pen!’

We take it for granted that others can read our handwriting. Wrong! The nightmare of any examiners life is just to read what the student has put on the page.

The kind examiner will spend hours dissecting scripts. Some don’t! You cannot believe what sometimes gets presented. Often students write with pens that are defective or even empty.

Now we all think our handwriting is beautiful but it seldom is. Otherwise we would all be studying fine art!

The problem is that it takes someone else to assess it. So here’s the challenge.

  • Hook up with a friend and head off to the stationary store with a pad of paper.
  • Select a few good quality pens and write a few words on the same page with each one.
  • Then ask a friend to choose the best. Get that pen and keep it for examinations and tests. Get a spare if you can afford it. If you can afford to use good pens at all times, do so.

Usually black pens are best as they give the best contrast. Don’t write in Technicolor, it wastes time changing pens. We are dealing with examinations not art projects.

Now again, NSFAS and poorer students are at a disadvantage and may struggle to afford this.

So here is today’s challenge. No student can be doing too much wrong if they help their poorer fellow student just get hold of decent pens.

Oh, I forgot. Leave the highlighters out of the examination book. They just waste time and look absolutely awful.




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