‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!’ – Tip 2 on how to score 15% extra in exams and tests.

Mohammed Ali was the greatest and probably always will be. He was a strategist who fought with his brains. So when he planted a punch, he scored a direct hit.

Strategy is a huge part in tackling tests and examinations and tests. Get the strategy right and your prospects of success are so much better.

All too often professors and lecturers don’t spend time on strategy. So lets see what we can do about that. Some of this is simple obvious stuff.

The brain works thousands of times faster than the hand. So writing in an examination or test is actually slowing you down.

The successful student treats writing as a limited resource!

The temptation in examinations and tests is to write as much as possible. Instead of thinking for the answer and writing as little as possible.

Never put pen to paper until

  • you have thought out a simple one or two line point.
  • don’t spend ages elaborating the point.
  • Remember that the marks are usually allocated to identifying the point and not flogging it to death.

And please, I beg you, start each question on a new page!




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