‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!’ – Tip 4 on how to score 15% extra in exams and tests.

Mohammed Ali was the greatest and probably always will be. He was a strategist who fought with his brains. So when he planted a punch, he scored a direct hit.

Strategy is a huge part in tackling tests and examinations and tests. Get the strategy right and your prospects of success are so much better.

All too often professors and lecturers don’t spend time on strategy. So lets see what we can do about that. Some of this is simple obvious stuff.

Manage your time properly and finish the paper.

When students identify a question they can answer they flog it to death. And the next thing, they are running behind time and don’t finish he paper. Most of them fail. Even if they did score plus 80% on one question.

That’s such a dreadful waste.

What does the student do about it?

  • Always start with the easiest question. It will make you confident to tackle the rest! That is a huge psychological advantage that can make the difference between pass and fail.
  • Spend a little less time on the easy questions leaving a bit more on the harder ones.
  • Always attempt the harder questions. Scoring 30% on a hard question is far easier than trying to make back 30% on easier questions.




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