Is education South Africa’s Silver Bullet?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

We have all read and quoted Nelson Mandela many times. But does Mandela’s wisdom prevail when it comes to education?. Or is education a blunt instrument to address poverty and inequality?

Following Mandela’s lead ‘Basic education’ is now the biggest item in South Africa’s national budget. And that is before adding in the higher education budget.

After nearly 20 years of trying the education route South Africa’s economic growth rate is now below the population growth rate. And that is bad news in anyone’s language.

Despite the recommendations of many President Zuma now seems adamant at a free fee policy for Higher Education will hit the spot.

There have been countless reports on the problems on education in South Africa. But there is still no improvement. What is missing?

In this lecture Prof Matthew Lester examines the current state of South Africa’s economy and economic theory on education.

“The problem is not the money” says Lester. “It’s all about happiness and how the happiness leads to success, or so Eton tells us.”

“So next time you are in Franschhoek, Western Cape, visit the KUSASA early childhood development project and see what can be achieved with a little bit of TLC!”