Making more out of Budget Day, 24 February 2016

 If you had asked me 6 months ago ‘what’s happening with Pravin Gordhan?’ I would have probably replied that he would retire after the 2016 municipal elections. That would have been very sad.

But then the December’s attempted Gup de’tat on national treasury failed and today PG is truly the biggest comeback since Lazarus.

Not since Madiba, has the future of SA rested on the shoulders of one man! The 2016/17 budget speech is going to be critical.

First, we are going to have to get past the points of order. And I confidently expect that will take half an hour. Wouldn’t it be nice if the EFF and others gave it a break this time around?

The budget speech is short and it is impossible for anyone to digest all the detail. Especially without the help of visuals.

Few South Africans follow the Budget Review publication. This is such a pity as it tells us more about SA than any other publication. SA has one of the most transparent budgets in the world.

I am going for broke on an E-learning intervention after the national budget speech in an attempt to put the national budget in its most graphic form.

The intervention is free for all South Africans. Even school students can benefit.

Let’s see if we can use modern E-Learning technology for the benefit of all.

The link for registration is as below:

Please have a look. And you are most welcome to forward the link to anyone else who may be interested.

Those in search of continuing professional development CDP points can score an hour for free.

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