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Responsible Leadership Ethics
By Owen Skae on 9 June 2017

What Makes a High-Performing CEO?

A study by PwC of the world’s largest 2,500 companies, estimated that forced turnover at the top, resulted in lost market value of $112 billion. ...

Integrated Society Stakeholders
By Tshidi Mohapeloa on 8 June 2017

ADC business partners benefits from MBA Service Learning Programme

The 1st phase is orientation or getting to know each other. Students are oriented to the different ADC partners both parties get to know each ...

Engaged Business Entrepreneurship
By Owen Skae on 8 June 2017

Why smallholder farmer hubs help get to the roots of food security

We hear constant talk about job creation, food security and a more equitable society. Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies speaks about improving and shortening ...

Integrated Society People
By Owen Skae on 4 May 2017

Brilliant Trade Law Initiative By Students For Students

It’s a brilliant, annual initiative by law students for law students, and it is incredibly tough and challenging. ELSA, headquartered in Belgium, is the world’s largest ...

Engaged Business Entrepreneurship
By Owen Skae on 7 April 2017

SA’s entrepreneur ecosystem needs sweeping overhaul

SA is not even out of the starting blocks of what could be achieved in the country. If the conditions for entrepreneurship were improved just ...

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