1. In Sesotho there is a saying, lefu la hae la mphidisa, meaning I become alive through his/her death.

  2. Ford South Africa reacted badly in a crisis: it doesn’t have to be that way

    In December 2015, Reshall Jimmy burnt to death in his 1.6-litre EcoBoost Ford Kuga in South Africa. Since then a recorded 51 Kugas have caught alight across the country, and two more in Swaziland and Botswana.

  3. King code not beneath any captain’s notice

    Remgro chairman Johann Rupert’s off the mark on the King code recommendations — it was not developed to create nonsense or unnecessary burdens for business.

  4. South Africans are not very good at predicting the future

    This is a pity in the context of #FessMustfall as it is not very difficult to predict the consequences if #FeesMustFall were to succeed in achieving its objectives.

  5. #SABISA conference 2016: South Africa’s Independent schools and the #FeesMustFall crisis

    My email inbox went crazy, when the #FeesMustFall protestors were chased by police onto the St Andrews College and DSG campus in Grahamstown, last week.

  6. #FeesMustFall; Some shocking numbers

    Every day I am stunned by how little we actually know about the #FeesMustFall crisis.

  7. #PravinGordhan: Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!

    I don’t associate with riffraff and I only drink on weekends (or so the saying goes).

  8. #FeesMustFall and the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement 2016

    At first glance it appears that there is little comfort for the #FeesMustFall cohort in the medium term budget policy statement ‘MTBPS’. And I fear that the protesting students’ reaction will be ‘too little too late.’