Popular Business Trends in 2015

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As the economy and consumer behaviour are continuously shifting, new trends emerge which provide an opportunity for your business to grow. We look at five popular business trends you can integrate into your commercial plan this year.

#1 Mobile Channels

With advanced developments in mobile technology, and the fact that more consumers turn to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to connect with businesses, mobile will be the next big thing of digital advertising in 2015 and beyond. From instant messaging and social media marketing, to mobile accounting, business apps and directories – a mobile strategy will ensure you target your brand to the right audience.

#2 Better WiFi Technology

This year has and will continue to see new WiFi standards and expectations for businesses. Public WiFi is already in demand and having a reliable hotspot should be included in your business strategy. According to Michael Fletcher, sales director for Ruckus Wireless sub-Saharan Africa, Wifi has now become a utility for most businesses and if you don’t have it, you are at a serious quality-of-life disadvantage. Predictions at the start of 2015 envisage that this year will deliver better WiFi services, with Samsung expected to lead the way releasing WiFi that is five times faster.

#3 Renewable Energy Investment

Renewable energy investment has been making an impact on businesses worldwide, but this year will see South African companies embracing the trend. With South Africa’s electricity network currently taking heavy strain, more businesses will invest in renewable energy solutions such as community energy initiatives, which can make a positive difference and lead to rapid growth.

#4 HR and Payroll Technology

Technological integration continues to expand for businesses across the world in 2015. In an effort to smooth out the challenges that come with conventional recruitment, HR practitioners are now turning to high-level recruitment software. HR technology offers innovative admin procedures that will allow businesses to manage employee profiles more effectively, and in combination with their conventional recruitment methods.

#5 Enterprise Collaboration

This year, collaborative technology will also drive success in the workplace. As employers realise that effective communication between employees and interdepartmental teamwork are now key to a flourishing organization, many will integrate collaboration systems into their business strategy in 2015.  The incorporation of both asynchronous and synchronous collaborative solutions will see new workflow standards emerging which can increase a business’ productivity and enhance employee culture.

That wraps up some of the various trending topics in the business world for the 2015 to date, but we’re sure there’s more where that came from. It’s pretty clear from the above mentioned trends that the onus lies with business owners to think ahead continuously, as this will enable them to retain and develop competitive advantage in their respective markets. As a business owner you need to be a leader and not a follower and systematically aspire to being ahead of the curve as opposed to struggling to keep up with the ever changing trends.