#SABISA conference 2016: South Africa’s Independent schools and the #FeesMustFall crisis

My email inbox went crazy, when the #FeesMustFall protestors were chased by police onto the St Andrews College and DSG campus in Grahamstown, last week.

And that just shows how close we are to a social uprising in South Africa. Students at Universities represent only 5% of the population in education aged 5 to 24. That’s frightening!

Over the years I have been given the opportunity to address the Bursars’ conference of South Africa’s independent schools. And I have banged off about my view that Independent Schools are far too expensive for all but the most privileged of South Africans.

So last week I had to come up with something completely different.

So let’s look at the independent schools in the context of the #FeesMustFall crisis and ask the question ‘Are the independent schools sustainable?’ Or for that matter ‘Is South Africa sustainable?’

Here is the inconvenient truth some are ignoring from behind high walls.

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