1. In February 2010, in his first National Budget Speech, Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan announced that there would be a review of the estate duty system. Since then nothing much has happened, so it would seem that estate duty is here to stay.

  2. Tax law bound to change to stop loophole

    Taxpayers seldom succeed in appeals to the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA). In the recent NWK decision many tax pundits openly criticised the judgment of Judge Carole Lewis as it shifted boundaries in tax planning that had existed for 100 years.

  3. The next Great Trek may just be to Namibia

    It will soon be 200 years since the 1820 Settlers arrived in the Eastern Cape. “We must stand and grow or die where we stand,” were Henry Dugmore’s famous words. They died like flies, or just went home in despair.

  4. Look at the wealth gap before moaning

    In February’s budget speech Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced that tax collection estimates for the fiscal year ended March 31 were only slightly off track. But more than 50% of provisional tax is now collected on the second provisional payments due at the end of February and March. So it was an estimate.

  5. Joe Paypacket spared as load falls on firms

    This is the 22nd year I have covered the national budget speech. I watched Trevor Manuel do some great stuff, but nothing approaches the wisdom Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan displayed in parliament this week.

  6. Is income tax constitutional?

    Experts are aware – various laws and regulations in South Africa do not pass constitutional muster.