1. The twentieth century has been described as an age of catastrophe – an age of horrendously destructive wars, most of which were unnecessary and avoidable; an age of growing inequality, of poverty amidst plenty, and of ever-worsening environmental decay.

  2. Perspectives on globally responsible leadership

    In order to get a better appreciation of what “globally responsible leadership” means, one has to first provide some context. My starting point is that businesses are not just profit-seeking entities, but should be much deeper than that.

  3. Nelson Mandela Day – A time to remind and remember

    July 18th was Nelson Mandela Day. It was a globally recognised day sanctioned by the United Nations with the slogan “Make every day Nelson Mandela Day” a worldwide appeal to give up 67 minutes in pursuit of a good cause in the service of others. No doubt a considerable amount will continue to be said and written as the virtues of one of South Africa’s greatest sons is extolled.