1. I was asked to address a gathering of Deputy Headmasters recently. It got me thinking about the changing times and generations and the challenges facing schools and families in educating their children. Have a look at the video clip.

  2. Laptops are outdated, time to move on to tablets

    Government's R500-million teacher laptop initiative "TLI" has collapsed. So while taxpayers are being charged R191-billion a year on education, SA cannot provide 350000 teachers with an essential tool of the trade. Some critics will say that's just lame. Laptops are compulsory for every boy at Bishops.

  3. Business (dis)unity: South Africa in 3D

    Without a pair of 3D glasses, viewing a 3D movie is not a pleasant experience. Similarly, some observers who are viewing the fracturing of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) may be more than a little alarmed.