1. In the article, A Humble Request, Rhodes Business School’s Professor Owen Skae asks a vital question. What practical steps do we, as leaders, need to take to get South Africa’s unemployment challenge addressed?

  2. Creating decent jobs through sustainable Human Resource Management

    Creating decent jobs. This is one of the key challenges facing humanity internationally and South Africa in particular.

  3. Leadership: How attuned are you?

    Leaders are not just born to the role. They are born, then made – and sometimes – unmade – by their own actions.

  4. Conversations in leadership: Q&A with Brand Pretorius

    In conversation with Brand Pretorius: Owen Skae, Director, Rhodes Business School and Lynette Louw, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Commerce at Rhodes University interviewed the recently retired CEO of McCarthy Limited about his leadership principles.

  5. Inspirational leadership: It’s not about being the boss [Podcast]

    Leadership is not about being the boss, nor is it about something innate. Rather, good leadership is about understanding your core principles, respecting the people around you and being able to inspire your colleagues, peers and friends – even at the most difficult times.