1. South Africans can take comfort that in spite of all the global economic uncertainty Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan’s national budget is still fundamentally on track.

  2. Malema tax saga will be a test for SARS

    CALL back the past and the Hansie Cronje saga. Do you remember when a South African Revenue Service (SARS) official commented on his tax position?

  3. When SARS docks your salary

    IN days gone by, many taxpayers with outstanding tax balances simply ignored letters and even phone calls from the SA Revenue Service, knowing it would be some time before SARS caught up with them.

  4. The trials of being ratted on to SARS

    WHILE serving my country as a tax inspector, I was placed under the supervision of a Mr Knersus (also known as Gnasher).

  5. Costly, risky allure of a living annuity

    THE National Treasury discussion paper, “Strengthening Retirement Savings”, issued in May does not have much positive to say about living annuities.

  6. The slacker’s guide to tax avoidance

    A common question posed by disgruntled taxpayers is: “What is my average tax rate?”

  7. Financial planning calculators

    Many readers have asked for the calculators I use in my articles and lectures. Please help yourself by downloading the excel files below.

  8. Estate planning update

    In February 2010, in his first National Budget Speech, Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan announced that there would be a review of the estate duty system. Since then nothing much has happened, so it would seem that estate duty is here to stay.

  9. Global crisis hits you, me and SARS

    I am often asked where I source all the statistics quoted in this column. The answer is the SA Revenue Service and National Treasury. It’s all there on the websites.

  10. The motor industry in RSA today

    Professor Matthew Lester provides an assessment of the motor industry.

  11. Tax law bound to change to stop loophole

    Taxpayers seldom succeed in appeals to the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA). In the recent NWK decision many tax pundits openly criticised the judgment of Judge Carole Lewis as it shifted boundaries in tax planning that had existed for 100 years.

  12. Financial Planning for Graduates

    A way to help finance post graduate studies when working.