1. CALL back the past and the Hansie Cronje saga. Do you remember when a South African Revenue Service (SARS) official commented on his tax position?

  2. The trials of being ratted on to SARS

    WHILE serving my country as a tax inspector, I was placed under the supervision of a Mr Knersus (also known as Gnasher).

  3. Global crisis hits you, me and SARS

    I am often asked where I source all the statistics quoted in this column. The answer is the SA Revenue Service and National Treasury. It’s all there on the websites.

  4. The sound of a loophole snapping closed

    Recent amendments to the transfer-pricing provisions contained in section 31 of the Income Tax Act have increased the stakes substantially.

  5. Look at the wealth gap before moaning

    In February’s budget speech Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced that tax collection estimates for the fiscal year ended March 31 were only slightly off track. But more than 50% of provisional tax is now collected on the second provisional payments due at the end of February and March. So it was an estimate.

  6. Have we gone past the turning point?

    In the early eighties I read Fritjof Capra’s classic book, in which he described Earth and the global civilization as having reached “The Turning Point”.

  7. Hand-to-hand combat: The controversial judgements of Lewis JA

    Recently, the tax profession has been up in hand-to-hand combat. And we are not even engaging the usual enemy, SARS, but rather we are squabbling amongst ourselves over the recent judgements of Lewis JA in the Supreme Court of Appeals ‘SCA’.

  8. Squeeze the rich a little more

    South Africa’s growth rate for the second quarter dropped to 1.4%. That causes the expected 2011/12 annual growth rate to slip back to 3.4% – spot on the National Treasury forecast of February 2011.