1. South Africans can take comfort that in spite of all the global economic uncertainty Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan’s national budget is still fundamentally on track.

  2. Look at the wealth gap before moaning

    In February’s budget speech Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced that tax collection estimates for the fiscal year ended March 31 were only slightly off track. But more than 50% of provisional tax is now collected on the second provisional payments due at the end of February and March. So it was an estimate.

  3. Levies and taxes are killing domestic travel

    POST the 2010 World Cup, international tourism to South Africa has nose-dived. Most first-class tourist facilities are now desperately under-utilised. South Africa has become a trip too far and too expensive compared with a holiday in Europe for Euros20 on Ryanair.

  4. Joe Paypacket spared as load falls on firms

    This is the 22nd year I have covered the national budget speech. I watched Trevor Manuel do some great stuff, but nothing approaches the wisdom Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan displayed in parliament this week.

  5. Toast your last pre-budget dop and smile

    It is nearly three years since Jacob Zuma ousted Thabo Mbeki as president and Pravin Gordhan (PG) took over as minister of finance from Trevor Manuel.

  6. Aiding frantic dads, broke developers

    Thirty years ago kids left home to go to the army or university and never came back. To move back in with mom and dad afterwards was considered naff. Today, they never leave – and boyfriends and girlfriends move in too, to help whittle away mom and dad’s pension plan.

  7. Gordhan’s 2012 budget conundrums

    HOLIDAYS. Sitting on the boat waiting for a fish to bite is a good time to ponder what was on Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s mind over the festive season. What will he call on Budget Day, February 22 2012?

  8. How BlackBerry had us singing the blues

    The breweries will tell you that a day of lost turnover is lost forever.