Wim Trengrove SC on Oakbay

Advocate Wim Trengove, SC (or as he is known at Rhodes University: Visiting Professor Wim Trengove) is well known to most of us as one of the country’s most prominent advocates and legal minds. He has appeared in many celebrated cases and it is gainsaid that his advocacy has shaped our country’s jurisprudence from the death penalty, to competition law, to rights of same-sex partners to name a few.

In this lecture ‘IS THE GOVERNMENT AT WAR WITH THE BANKS? A DISCUSSION OF THE CASE OF THE MINISTER OF FINANCE V OAKBAY INVESTMENTS’, Trengove eloquently and lucidly sets out the bigger context of the puzzle of which the Oakbay case is simply one piece. While the majority of the lecture is dedicated to understanding what happened in the Oakbay case, it is Trengove’s puzzle pieces that prove to be so insightful. Listen as he comments on these puzzle pieces, amongst others, (1) the turmoil in the management of the economy that we are in; (2) the revolving door of Ministers of Finance in South Africa in the last couple of years; and (3) the spurious attempt to prosecute Pravin Gordhan; (4) the accusations of capture of SARS.