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    Fund Lowered its Stock Position in Quanta Services

    ByByron Bekker

    Nov 15, 2023
    Fund Lowered its Stock Position in Quanta Services

    Anderson Hoagland & Co. recently decreased its stock position in Quanta Services, Inc. by 1.6% during the second quarter, according to a filing with the SEC. The fund now owns 19,192 shares of Quanta Services after selling 304 shares during the quarter. The total value of Anderson Hoagland & Co.’s holdings in Quanta Services is $3,770,000 as per their most recent SEC filing.


    1. Who is Anderson Hoagland & Co.?
    Anderson Hoagland & Co. is a financial institution that deals with asset management and investment services. They assist clients in managing their stock portfolios and making strategic investment decisions.

    2. What is Quanta Services?
    Quanta Services, Inc. is a construction company that provides infrastructure solutions for the electric and gas utility, renewable energy, communications, and pipeline industries. They are involved in the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of various infrastructure projects.

    3. How does Anderson Hoagland & Co. lowering its stock position in Quanta Services affect the company?
    The decrease in stock position by Anderson Hoagland & Co. indicates that they have sold some of their holdings in Quanta Services. This might reflect a change in their investment strategy or a lack of confidence in the company’s performance.

    Source: SEC