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    The Exciting Potential of Quantum Technology and its Impact on Downtown Wilkes-Barre

    ByThemba Hadebe

    Nov 20, 2023
    The Exciting Potential of Quantum Technology and its Impact on Downtown Wilkes-Barre

    Wilkes-Barre’s Downtown area has long been known for its vibrant city center and thriving higher education institutions, such as King’s College and Wilkes University. These institutions, along with the Luzerne County Community College’s Wilkes-Barre Center, have made Downtown Wilkes-Barre an innovation district, attracting regional startup technology businesses interested in collaborating with higher education.

    Now, a groundbreaking announcement has been made that is set to bring even more opportunities to the city. The first-of-its-kind Quantum & Space Collaboration aims to accelerate the development of quantum technology in space and national defense efforts. This collaboration, spearheaded by leaders from the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense, involves a partnership between the government and private businesses, including Nebula Enterprise.

    The potential for a new industry cluster focused on the commercialization of quantum technologies is particularly exciting. This partnership could transform Downtown Wilkes-Barre into a hub for quantum advancement, offering new opportunities for students, programs, and startup businesses. The landmark building at 67-69 Public Square, recently purchased by Nebula Enterprise, could serve as the perfect anchor for a quantum space corridor.

    Congressman Matt Cartwright, a co-sponsor of the National Quantum Initiative Act, emphasized the importance of collaboration in realizing the full potential of quantum transformation. He expressed his belief that by breaking down silos and embracing joint initiatives, Northeast Pennsylvania can create economic mobility for the region, provide opportunities for local businesses, and develop a strong talent pipeline.

    Mayor George Brown also attended the announcement and expressed his enthusiasm for the project. He commended Michael Bloxton and his company for their investment in the city, noting the significant impact it will have on the local economy. With Downtown Wilkes-Barre already home to five colleges and universities, including Wilkes University, King’s College, Luzerne County Community College, Misericordia University, and Penn State Wilkes-Barre, the partnership is poised to draw from a talented pool of potential candidates.

    The future is bright for Wilkes-Barre as it embraces the potential of quantum technology. The city’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, combined with the opportunities presented by the Quantum & Space Collaboration, promises to elevate the local economy and attract the next generation of STEM talent to Northeast Pennsylvania.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is quantum technology?

    Quantum technology refers to a field of science and engineering that focuses on utilizing the principles of quantum mechanics to develop new technologies. Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics that studies the behavior of matter and energy at the smallest scales, such as atoms and subatomic particles. Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionize various fields, including computing, communication, encryption, and sensing.

    What is a quantum space corridor?

    A quantum space corridor is a concept that involves creating an interconnected network of facilities and infrastructure dedicated to advancing quantum technology in space. It would serve as a collaborative environment for research, development, and commercialization of quantum technologies related to space exploration and national defense efforts.

    How will the Quantum & Space Collaboration benefit Wilkes-Barre?

    The Quantum & Space Collaboration presents a unique opportunity for Wilkes-Barre to establish itself as a hub for quantum technology. The partnership between the government and private businesses, including Nebula Enterprise, can attract new investment, foster innovation, and create jobs in the local economy. The collaboration also enhances the city’s reputation as an innovation district, drawing on the expertise of higher education institutions and providing new opportunities for students and startup businesses.

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