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    BTQ Technologies Enhances Quantum Research and Development with Addition of Dr. Peter Rohde

    ByThemba Hadebe

    Nov 15, 2023
    BTQ Technologies Enhances Quantum Research and Development with Addition of Dr. Peter Rohde

    VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 19, 2023 – BTQ Technologies Inc. (NEO: BTQ) (OTCQX: BTQQF) (FSE: NG3), a global leader in quantum technology, is pleased to announce that it has welcomed Dr. Peter Rohde to its esteemed technical team. Dr. Rohde, a well-respected theoretical quantum computer scientist, brings his expertise in optical quantum computing and quantum networking to further enhance BTQ’s research and product commercialization capabilities.

    With a strong background in quantum-related fields, such as quantum computing, quantum optics, and quantum cryptography, Dr. Rohde’s addition to BTQ’s technical team is a significant boost to the company’s efforts in advancing quantum technology. His deep understanding of these complex subjects will undoubtedly contribute to the success of BTQ’s mission.

    In addition to his academic achievements, Dr. Rohde is the lead author of “The Quantum Internet,” a highly regarded book published by Cambridge University Press. His vast knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset to BTQ as they continue to shape the future of quantum technology.

    “Quantum advantage may be a long-term goal, but the impact of quantum technology on information security is already significant,” said Dr. Peter Rohde. “I am thrilled to be working with BTQ, a company that operates in the intersection of quantum computing and cryptography, two areas I have dedicated my career to. I look forward to conducting research that has immediate practical applications as we enter the quantum era.”

    Olivier Roussy Newton, CEO of BTQ, expressed his excitement about Dr. Rohde’s appointment, stating, “Dr. Rohde’s expertise in quantum computing and cryptography is invaluable for BTQ. We are committed to leading the quantum revolution and strengthening our position in quantum research and commercialization. Together, we are not only envisioning the future of quantum technology, but actively shaping it.”

    Dr. Rohde earned his PhD in theoretical physics, specializing in quantum computation and quantum information theory, from the University of Queensland. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering in computer systems and electrical engineering. Joining Prof. Gavin Brennen, BTQ’s Head of Quantum Research, Dr. Rohde will be based at the company’s office at the Quantum Terminal in Sydney, Australia. He will play a crucial role in driving research efforts and expanding BTQ’s technical team in the region.

    With this notable addition to their team, BTQ is well-positioned to continue pushing the boundaries of quantum technology and providing innovative solutions for securing critical networks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is BTQ Technologies Inc.?
    A: BTQ Technologies Inc. is a global quantum technology company focused on securing mission critical networks through the use of quantum technology.

    Q: What is Dr. Peter Rohde’s expertise?
    A: Dr. Peter Rohde is an accomplished theoretical quantum computer scientist with deep knowledge in optical quantum computing, quantum networking, and the economics of quantum technology.

    Q: What is “The Quantum Internet”?
    A: “The Quantum Internet” is a book authored by Dr. Peter Rohde, providing insights into the field of quantum computing and its impact on information security.

    Q: Where will Dr. Rohde be based?
    A: Dr. Rohde will be based at BTQ’s office located at the Quantum Terminal in Sydney, Australia.

    Q: What will be Dr. Rohde’s role at BTQ?
    A: Dr. Rohde will contribute to research efforts and help expand BTQ’s technical team in Australia.

    Q: What are BTQ’s goals in quantum technology?
    A: BTQ aims to lead the quantum revolution by advancing research and commercialization in quantum technology, particularly in the areas of quantum computing and cryptography.