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    A New Era of Computing: C-DAC’s Endeavor to Foster Indigenous Quantum Computing Chip

    ByByron Bekker

    Nov 20, 2023
    A New Era of Computing: C-DAC’s Endeavor to Foster Indigenous Quantum Computing Chip

    October 05, 2023 / 12:52 PM IST

    The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), an eminent Indian autonomous scientific society functioning under the purview of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, is embarking on an ambitious mission to accelerate the development of an indigenous quantum computing chip.


    Q: What is the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)?
    A: C-DAC is an autonomous scientific society in India operating under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It focuses on the advancement of computing and technology-related research and development.

    Q: What is quantum computing?
    A: Quantum computing is a revolutionary field of study in computer science that utilizes the principles of quantum mechanics to create powerful computational systems. It has the potential to exponentially enhance computational capabilities and solve complex problems that are beyond the reach of classical computers.

    With the proliferation of emerging technologies, quantum computing has emerged as a promising frontier that can revolutionize several industries. Recognizing its potential, C-DAC is actively seeking collaboration with a startup that can develop a versatile quantum chip capable of unlocking the massive computational power offered by quantum systems.

    The development of an indigenous quantum chip holds immense value for both research and practical applications. It offers the possibility of groundbreaking advancements in fields such as cryptography, drug discovery, optimization problems, artificial intelligence, and material science. By harnessing the power of quantum effects like superposition and entanglement, the chip can perform computations at an unprecedented speed, enabling the solution of complex problems in significantly lesser time than traditional computers.

    While the pursuit of quantum computing is a global endeavor with significant contributions from various countries and organizations, C-DAC’s initiative emphasizes the importance of nurturing indigenous talent and expertise. By fostering a localized ecosystem for quantum computing, C-DAC aims to cultivate homegrown solutions and fuel groundbreaking innovations in India.

    This initiative also aligns with the Indian government’s broader vision of becoming an active participant in the global quantum computing landscape. Collaborating with startups not only promotes entrepreneurship and accelerates innovation but also lays the foundation for a sustainable and self-reliant quantum computing ecosystem in the country.

    In conclusion, C-DAC’s quest for an indigenous quantum computing chip showcases their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. By supporting homegrown startups, they strive to create a vibrant quantum computing landscape in India, fostering innovation, and propelling the nation into a new era of computing.

    – [Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology](https://meity.gov.in/)