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    Exploring the Synergy Between Quantum Physics and Cryptography for Secure Cloud Data Storage

    BySam Figg

    Nov 19, 2023
    Exploring the Synergy Between Quantum Physics and Cryptography for Secure Cloud Data Storage

    Researchers worldwide have been actively seeking innovative methods to achieve secure cloud data storage. In a groundbreaking development, a team in China has combined quantum physics with well-established cryptographic and storage techniques, resulting in a cost-effective solution that ensures enhanced security for distributed cloud storage.

    One of the key components of this method is Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm, a widely recognized key distribution algorithm. It involves the dissemination of private information among a group, ensuring that the secret can only be revealed when a majority combines their knowledge. By integrating quantum key distribution (QKD) with Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm, the team has developed a highly secure storage solution. However, conventional methods for achieving utmost security often come with the drawback of significant cloud storage space requirements.

    In an article published in AIP Advances, the team presents their approach, which utilizes quantum random numbers as encryption keys. These keys are dispersed using Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm and are supplemented with erasure coding within ciphertext. The data is transmitted securely through QKD-protected networks to distributed cloud storage. The article, titled “Quantum-secure fault-tolerant distributed cloud storage system,” outlines this novel method.

    Notably, this solution not only provides quantum security to the entire system but also offers fault tolerance and efficient storage. These advantages have the potential to expedite the widespread adoption of quantum technologies.

    Yong Zhao, Vice President of QuantumCTek Co. Ltd., a quantum information technology company and the corresponding author of the article, describes their solution as a practical application that merges quantum and cryptography technologies. The encryption keys generated through QKD ensure the security of both user data uploads to servers and data transmissions to distributed cloud storage nodes.

    The research team also delved into exploring the possibility of expanding quantum security services beyond secure data transmission. Their efforts led to the development of a more secure and cost-effective fault-tolerant cloud storage solution. Zhao explains that their method not only achieves quantum security but also optimizes storage space compared to traditional methods such as mirroring or Shamir’s secret sharing, which are commonly used for managing sensitive data through distribution.

    Experimental tests conducted by the team confirmed the effectiveness of their solution, including encryption/decryption, key preservation, and data storage. From both technological and engineering perspectives, the solution is currently feasible, satisfying the requirements for relevant quantum and cryptographic standards essential for a secure storage solution that can withstand the challenges posed by quantum computing.

    Looking ahead, Zhao emphasizes their plans to drive the commercial implementation of this technology, providing practical services. They aim to explore various usage models in multiuser scenarios and are considering integrating additional quantum technologies, such as quantum secret sharing, into cloud storage.

    For further details, refer to the original research article titled “Quantum-secure fault-tolerant distributed cloud storage system” published in AIP Advances.

    Source: AIP Advances