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    Arqit Quantum: A Risky Venture or a Lucrative Opportunity?

    BySam Figg

    Nov 15, 2023
    Arqit Quantum: A Risky Venture or a Lucrative Opportunity?

    Arqit Quantum, a company specializing in cybersecurity services through satellite and terrestrial platforms in the UK, has been attracting attention in the market. While it is not uncommon for businesses to initially incur losses before achieving success, investing in a loss-making company always carries certain risks. In the case of Arqit Quantum (NASDAQ:ARQQ), investors should closely examine its cash burn rate to determine if they need to be concerned.

    Cash burn refers to the amount of cash a company spends each year to fund its growth, also known as negative free cash flow. As of March 2023, Arqit Quantum had $42 million in cash reserves and was debt-free. However, the company’s cash burn over the last year amounted to $51 million, which translates to a cash runway of approximately 10 months. This short runway indicates that Arqit Quantum needs to either reduce its cash burn or find ways to replenish its cash reserves.

    Although Arqit Quantum managed to reduce its cash burn by 5.6% in the past year, its operating revenue has declined by a staggering 64%. While this demonstrates a level of financial discipline, the decline in revenue raises concerns about the company’s growth prospects. To assess the future potential of Arqit Quantum, it is essential to analyze its projected growth in the coming years.

    Given the downward trend in revenue, it is crucial to consider how easily Arqit Quantum can raise additional funds if necessary. Typically, a listed company can raise capital through share issuance or taking on debt. Arqit Quantum, with a market capitalization of $109 million, had a cash burn that accounted for 47% of its market value last year. Such high expenditure relative to the company’s value suggests that issuing shares to fund future growth could significantly dilute existing shareholders’ returns.

    Analyzing Arqit Quantum’s cash burn, it is evident that the reduction in cash burn rate is somewhat reassuring. However, the decline in operating revenue raises concerns. Shareholders should closely monitor how the company utilizes its cash, as the current cash burn rate might cause discomfort. Additionally, it is worth noting that Arqit Quantum has several warning signs and uncomfortable factors that investors should be aware of.


    1. What does the term “cash burn” mean?
    Cash burn refers to the amount of cash a company spends each year to fund its growth, often resulting in negative free cash flow.

    2. What is a cash runway?
    Cash runway is the length of time a company can sustain its operations using its available cash reserves, considering its cash burn rate.

    3. How can a company raise more cash?
    A company can raise additional funds by issuing shares or taking on debt.

    4. How does Arqit Quantum’s cash burn rate pose risks to shareholders?
    Arqit Quantum’s high cash burn rate relative to its market value suggests that issuing shares to fund growth could significantly dilute shareholders’ returns.

    5. What factors should shareholders consider regarding Arqit Quantum?
    Shareholders should monitor the company’s cash utilization and the declining trend in operating revenue, as well as the warning signs and uncomfortable factors identified by analysts.

    – [Simply Wall St](https://simplywall.st)