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    Frederick County Council Approves Infrastructure Amendments for Quantum Loophole’s Data Center Campus

    BySam Figg

    Nov 18, 2023
    Frederick County Council Approves Infrastructure Amendments for Quantum Loophole’s Data Center Campus

    The Frederick County Council has granted its approval for water and sewerage amendments that will significantly enhance the infrastructure of Quantum Loophole’s data center campus. This decision allows the campus to connect to public water systems and receive water supply from nearby treatment plants. The amendments were proposed by Quantum Loophole and Aligned Data Centers to reflect the developments and progress made in their planned water and sewer projects on the former Alcoa Eastalco aluminum smelting plant site.

    Embracing Progress in Infrastructure

    The approved amendments demonstrate Frederick County’s commitment to embracing technological advancement and supporting the growth of data centers. By enabling the connection of the data center campus to public water systems, this decision ensures an efficient and reliable water supply, essential for the smooth functioning of Quantum Loophole’s operations.

    Benefits to the Community

    These infrastructure amendments not only benefit Quantum Loophole but also have positive implications for the surrounding community. Improved water and sewerage infrastructure can foster economic development and attract more businesses to the area. Additionally, the connection to public water systems contributes to the sustainability and conservation of natural resources.


    What is Quantum Loophole’s data center campus?

    Quantum Loophole operates a state-of-the-art data center campus that houses advanced computing and storage systems for various industries. The data center provides secure and reliable services to businesses and organizations in need of robust cloud computing capabilities.

    Why are water and sewerage amendments necessary for the campus?

    Water and sewerage amendments are crucial for the data center campus’s infrastructure to ensure it has access to a reliable supply of water and proper sewage management. These amendments allow the campus to connect to public water systems, enhancing its operational efficiency and sustainability.

    How will the amendments benefit the community?

    The approved amendments contribute to the economic development of the region by attracting more businesses and investment. Additionally, by connecting the data center campus to public water systems, it promotes the responsible and efficient use of water resources, benefiting the community and preserving the environment.

    As technology continues to advance, the importance of robust infrastructure becomes increasingly evident. With the approval of these water and sewerage amendments, Quantum Loophole’s data center campus is poised to thrive and serve as a catalyst for further growth in the region. The Frederick County Council’s decision reflects the county’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to supporting innovative ventures.