• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

    Critical Thought

    Critical thoughts on quantum technologies


    ByThemba Hadebe

    Nov 20, 2023

    Equinix, the global leader in digital infrastructure, is joining forces with Alice & Bob, a groundbreaking quantum computing company, to usher businesses in the UK and around the world into the era of quantum computing. By collaborating with Alice & Bob, Equinix customers will gain secure access to cutting-edge quantum technology and strategy services, empowering them to unlock new opportunities worth billions of dollars.

    Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology that enables users to tackle computationally intensive tasks such as simulations, optimizations, machine learning, and cryptography. Although still in its early stages, it has the potential to transform various industry processes, reshape our understanding of the universe, and even contribute to mitigating climate change. Quantum computers possess immense power and the ability to solve problems that would take our best classical computers thousands of years.

    Alice & Bob’s technology, a result of advanced research conducted in French and international laboratories, uniquely positions itself as a catalyst for innovation and future-proofing for businesses. Unlike current quantum computers that face computing errors hindering their theoretical promises, Alice & Bob is developing a patented technology called the cat qubit, a self-correcting superconducting quantum bit. Cat qubits simplify the path to fault-tolerant and universal gate-based quantum computing, thereby transforming the potential of quantum computing into a decisive commercial advantage.

    In lieu of a direct quote from Alice & Bob’s CEO, it is evident that their technology is making impactful strides from the laboratory to the real world. Equinix, as the ideal partner, will drive the quantum revolution into society, solving some of the world’s most challenging problems for its customers.

    The collaboration between Equinix’s robust secure operations and Alice & Bob’s quantum expertise creates an environment conducive to groundbreaking innovations. This synergy ensures that companies can explore the power of quantum computing with complete confidentiality for their research and development.

    Bruce Owen, Managing Director of Equinix UK, highlights the transformative potential of quantum computing, which is 158 million times faster than current supercomputers. With the British quantum innovation leading the European landscape, Equinix’s partnership with Alice & Bob is instrumental in enabling global customers to embrace the unprecedented possibilities offered by quantum computing. Equinix plays a pivotal role in driving digital transformation and facilitating the seamless adoption of cutting-edge innovations across industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, finance, sustainability, cybersecurity, and chemicals.

    Numerous industries, including sustainable energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and financial services, heavily reliant on high-intensity computing power, are poised for radical transformation by quantum computing technology by 2035. The potential economic value to be gained by these industries could reach $1.3 trillion by that time.

    To cater to the growing interest in quantum computing across industries and ecosystems, Equinix Metal and Equinix Fabric enable secure on-demand access to Alice & Bob’s quantum computers, housed in their own on-premises data center. This access facilitates seamless exploration of potential use cases within a company’s existing digital infrastructure while benefiting from Equinix’s renowned security and ease of connectivity.

    Jean-Noël Barrot, French Minister Delegate for Digital, recognizes the impact of this partnership as a testament to French expertise in a technology poised to revolutionize computing and industry. With the French government’s national strategy for quantum technologies, France aims to position itself at the forefront of this field globally. The collaboration between Alice & Bob, an innovative French company, and Equinix, a global leader in digital infrastructure, contributes to France’s attractiveness and provides Alice & Bob with an expansive network to expand its business.

    Equinix Metal, a high-performance bare metal solution, seamlessly integrates with Equinix Fabric, enabling companies to deploy robust infrastructure across global locations in a matter of minutes. This integration allows businesses to connect to numerous networks, communication services, security providers, and cloud platforms from a single location. The potential for companies to trial and experiment with Alice & Bob’s quantum computer within their own digital infrastructure, coupled with the trust and convenience Equinix offers, opens up a world of possibilities.


    What is quantum computing?

    Quantum computing is a transformative technology that enables users to perform computationally intensive tasks more efficiently than traditional computers. It has the potential to revolutionize industries and solve complex problems at an unprecedented pace.

    How does Alice & Bob’s technology differ from existing quantum computing solutions?

    Alice & Bob’s technology, known as the cat qubit, overcomes computation errors that limit the performance of current quantum computers. This unique technology simplifies the path to fault-tolerant and universal gate-based quantum computing, promising significant commercial advantages.

    What industries stand to benefit from quantum computing?

    Industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, finance, sustainability, cybersecurity, and chemicals are expected to be radically transformed by quantum computing. These sectors rely on high-intensity compute power and have the potential to gain tremendous economic value from quantum technology.

    How can businesses access Alice & Bob’s quantum computers?

    Equinix provides secure on-demand access to Alice & Bob’s quantum computers through Equinix Metal and Equinix Fabric. This allows businesses to explore potential use cases in quantum computing within their existing digital infrastructure, while leveraging Equinix’s secure and interconnected ecosystem.