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    EST Gee Leaves Bootleg Kev Interview in Controversial Exit

    ByByron Bekker

    Nov 20, 2023
    EST Gee Leaves Bootleg Kev Interview in Controversial Exit

    In a surprising turn of events, EST Gee’s recent interview with Bootleg Kev took an unexpected twist when the rapper abruptly left the conversation. The reasons behind his sudden departure remain a mystery, but speculations are swirling.

    While EST Gee’s fans were left wondering about his motives, a clip of the incident went viral, sparking further intrigue. In the video, EST Gee can be seen growing visibly frustrated as the interview delved into his past as a star student and athlete. However, it appears that this was not the sole trigger for his departure.

    EST Gee took to Instagram to share his side of the story, accusing the host of trying to manipulate the situation. He claimed that the interview was filmed only a couple of hours before the clip surfaced, implying that it was deliberately released to create controversy. Furthermore, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the unrelated topics discussed, such as pornstars and aliens, questioning their relevance to his upcoming album.

    On the other hand, Bootleg Kev, the podcast host, revealed that EST Gee arrived late to the interview and showed minimal engagement from the beginning. He stated that the rapper’s team had expressed a desire for the conversation to focus on unconventional topics like the Universe and Quantum Physics, instead of the typical music-related discussion.

    As the dispute between EST Gee and Bootleg Kev continues to unfold, one thing is certain—the incident has generated significant attention for both parties. The controversy surrounding the interview has become a source of free promotion, benefiting not only EST Gee but also the podcast platform.

    While the true cause of the interview fallout remains unclear, the incident has captured the interest of fans and the media alike. As the story develops, it raises questions about the dynamics between artists and interviewers and the delicate balance between promotion and authentic conversation.

    1. Why did EST Gee leave the Bootleg Kev interview?
    The reasons behind EST Gee’s departure from the Bootleg Kev interview are still unknown. However, he expressed dissatisfaction with the discussion on unrelated topics and accused the host of trying to create viral content.

    2. What topics did EST Gee want to talk about?
    According to Bootleg Kev, EST Gee’s team had indicated an interest in discussing unconventional subjects like the Universe and Quantum Physics, rather than the typical music-related conversation.

    3. How has this incident benefited EST Gee and Bootleg Kev?
    The controversy surrounding the interview has generated significant attention and promotion for both EST Gee and Bootleg Kev, showcasing their names to a wider audience.